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Cafe Okinawa vessel mofgmona


We went to the "cafe Okinawa vessel mofgmona". Cafes as well, with a focus on Okinawa vessel "Yachimun" also sells gener…

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Tantantei Ooyama

Tantantei Oyama

We went to the Chinese Ryoriya "Tantantei Oyama store" in Ginowan City Oyama. Dandan noodles As you can imagine from …

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Ikuta (Seasonal fish and charcoal cooking)


I went to "Seasonal fish and charcoal cooking Ikuta". This shop is a Izakaya located in Aichi Ginowan. Interior of t…

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Tetsunabeya (鉄鍋屋)


Located in Ginowan City "liquor and Chinese shop Tetsunabeka (鉄鍋屋)" You can catch this shop on your left before the int…

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