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Cafe Okinawa vessel mofgmona


We went to the "cafe Okinawa vessel mofgmona". Cafes as well, with a focus on Okinawa vessel "Yachimun" also sells gener…

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We went to the cafe "Cafe Pipineo PIPINEO" in the vicinity of the Gushikawa Port at Uruma Akano. Cinnamon roll is also …

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spice cafe hochi hochi


I went to the shop of Thai food "Spice Cafe Hochihochi" to the foreigner residential area in Urasoe Minatogawa. This…

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Thai Resort Dining Thaicoon


We went to the "Thai Resort Dining Thaicoon Tycoon" in the area which is located on the edge of the Sunabe coast. I …

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Cafe Yuu Yuura San


I went to "Mr. cafe You Yura". This shop is close to the "Okinawa World-Tamaizumihora" in the Maekawa Tamaki Nanjo. Y…

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LaLa Primo Ryukyu university east exit shop

LaLa Primo

I went to the "Cafe & Restaurant Lara Primo 琉大 east exit shop". This shop is the village Nakagusuku Minamiuebaru, loca…

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Marko Polo garden cafe


I went to the "Marco Polo Garden Cafe" in the Nakagusuku Kitauebaru. In Okinawa City Misato There are bakery cafe Marc…

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ryukyu ramen spicy curry teianda


I went to the "Ryukyu lamian spice curry teianda Teianda" in Urasoe Minatogawa. Ramen and curry is a completely differ…

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Yasai Sommelier, Aeon Mall Okinawa Rycom


I went to the "Yasai Sommelier, Aeon Mall Okinawa Rycom" which is one of the shops located in the Aeon Mall Okinawa Ryc…

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