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Sobadokoro Kikuya


I went to the shop of Okinawa soba "soba Kikuya" located in Tahara Naha Koroku Station near Yui Rail. This restaurant is…

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Udonyama Shintoshin


I went to the store "Yuntaku Udonyama Omoromachi store" of Okinawa soba. This shop is located in the Apple Town second …

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Cafe Yuu Yuura San


I went to "Mr. cafe You Yura". This shop is close to the "Okinawa World-Tamaizumihora" in the Maekawa Tamaki Nanjo. Y…

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Miyako Soba & So-ki Soba Inaka Aja


I went to the "Miyako buckwheat and Soki Soba country Aja store". This shop is a shop of Okinawa soba in Aja Naha. Thi…

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Kamekamesoba Okinawa Soba Haku


The TOMITON in Tomigusuku Toyosaki There are Okinawa soba Expo. There is a place that gathered Okinawa soba shop. I …

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Ouen Asato


I went to "Ouen Asato head office". This shop is located at the Asato Naha. And this is on the back side of Royal Ori…

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Royal Myanmar Restaurant

royal myanmar

I ate at Myanmar cuisine restaurant at the JICA event. This shop is at Sakae Machi Market in Naha. I ate Myanmar cu…

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Pokettomani Shuri


We come to the curry shop. "Pokettomani Shuri" This shop opened at 1984. Today We eat this one. "Mix Vegetable C…

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Kaiyo-Syokudo @ Tomigusuku

Okinawan Stir Fry With Bitter Gourd (Goya Chanpuru) @ Kaiyo-Syokudo

criticism Kaiyo-Syokudo is one of Okinawa's local food's restaurant. The food is    Kaiyo-Syokudo information …

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