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Ikuta (Seasonal fish and charcoal cooking)


I went to “Seasonal fish and charcoal cooking Ikuta”.
This shop is a Izakaya located in Aichi Ginowan.

Interior of the shop is a little strange feeling.
This is a shop of stylish atmosphere.
Cooking was also there are many things that many things elaborate.


Taste was also of course delicious.
There is also a seasonal menu, such as a pot.
So, I think that there is no getting tired be performed many times.


You can easily, book can also be reserved in the net.
Staff’s attention was a very good shop.
When you go to the reservation to the shop,
it had the name written on the recommended menu of today.
There was also a little surprise.

Check the official site of Ikuta (Seasonal fish and charcoal cooking)
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