Introduce to restaurants and cafes with scathing criticism

Tetsunabeya (鉄鍋屋)


Located in Ginowan City "liquor and Chinese shop Tetsunabeka (鉄鍋屋)" You can catch this shop on your left before the int…

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Pokettomani Shuri


We come to the curry shop. "Pokettomani Shuri" This shop opened at 1984. Today We eat this one. "Mix Vegetable C…

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Kaiyo-Syokudo @ Tomigusuku

Okinawan Stir Fry With Bitter Gourd (Goya Chanpuru) @ Kaiyo-Syokudo

criticism Kaiyo-Syokudo is one of Okinawa's local food's restaurant. The food is    Kaiyo-Syokudo information …

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